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MOTIONrehab based in Leeds is the UK’s first Intensive Outpatient & Residential* Neurological Rehabilitation Facility augmented by Robotics and Virtual Reality. The centre will include a range of upper and lower limb robotics and virtual reality technology. The MOTIONrehab centre will be the only location within Europe to combine these particular devices under one roof, giving the clinic International Reference Centre Status for treatment, teaching and research.

The new concept offers patients specialist one to one hands-on therapy from experienced and highly skilled clinicians. Uniquely, MOTIONrehab clients will also spend time training with the robotic and virtual reality devices individually and in groups. This allows patients to practice high repetitions of movements which is critical to neuro-plasticity and the optimisation of outcomes.

High-Intensity Rehabilitation

The human brain is amazing! It is a highly organised and extremely skilled ͚computer͛ that manages and controls all aspects of human movement and behaviour. Scientists and clinicians have known for years that certain parts of the brain are dedicated to certain functions. This is especially true when it comes to movement and activities. We also know that the more you repeat or practice a movement the bigger the area of the brain dedicated to that movement becomes…Practise makes perfect!

This ability to learn and re-shape the brain and nervous system is called Neuro-plasticity.  For re-learning to take place movements need to be repeated and practiced just as you would expect when learning to play a musical instrument or a new sport. This re-shaping and forming new connections in the brain happens throughout our lifetime.  After injury or illness to the nervous system there is a window of opportunity where the brain reorganises itself at a rapid rate to compensate for the damaged areas. It is commonly believed this is in the first 2 years or so, after this time the brain continues to make new connections, only at a slower rate.

So why is High-Intensity Rehabilitation Important?

After injury or illness of the brain or spinal cord the aim of rehabilitation is to promote the re-wiring of the nervous system (neuro-plasticity) to re-learn the lost or damaged movements. The role of Neurological Physiotherapy aims to help individual͛s relearn the lost or impaired movements. However, the key to adopting the newly learnt movements is practice.

It is therefore crucial that individuals have an opportunity to repeat and practice movement to cement the new connections. This is difficult to achieve with traditional physiotherapy and exercise alone! Increasingly over the last decade or so Rehabilitation Technology has provided the means for mass practise and repetition. MOTIONrehab’s International Reference Centre is the UK’s first Intensive Outpatient & Residential Neurological Rehabilitation Facility to truly provide high repetition rehabilitation.

Higher intensity rehabilitation enables you to reach your full potential quicker.

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*Residential option available at local off-site accessible accommodation.

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