For 17 years I have only been able to walk with shoes on and the aid of a full-length support on my left leg to help correct my drop foot and hyper-extending knee and the use of two walking stick to maintain my balance. Two years ago I was given the opportunity to improve my muscle strength by using a system of electrical muscle stimulation. The system was set up by Tom at MOTIONrehab®. After regular use and some adjustments along the way I actually took a few steps last week, wearing shoes and using the sticks, but without the stimulation or any support on my leg. Amazing! I know I am a very long way from being able to walk any distance without support but thanks to Tom at MOTIONrehab® the glimmer of hope is now shining a little brighter. I would advise anyone who gets a chance to improve their situation to grab it with both hands because little miracles do still happen!