Barbara suffered a Stroke 10 years ago leaving her with right sided weakness or hemiparesis. Following her initial period of rehabilitation Barbara had made a good recovery. She was able to return to driving and walking unaided.

Barbara contacted MOTIONrehab® in August 2017 as she had begun to experience difficulties with her walking. She had noticed that her walking had deteriorated. Barbara now struggled with episodes of “freezing”. She would get “stuck” and her right leg would become rigid and she would not be able to get going again.  

As a result Barbara had resorted to using a stick when walking. She also reported that she had lost her confidence in walking. This was starting to impact on her ability to go out and about.

Barbara started to work with Tom at MOTIONrehab® to work on her walking pattern, muscle strength, balance and confidence. She had a 6 week intensive block of one-to-one treatment and home exercises to do as well.

After her sessions with MOTIONrehab® Barbara has improved her walking pattern and returned to her normal daily activities she had been achieving with improved confidence. The difficulties she was experiencing when she came to MOTIONrehab® have resolved and she is now back to leading a full and busy life.

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