Christine's Story Christine’s Story – I left hospital following a total left knee replacement on March 29th.2022. The hospital advised me, on leaving, to organise Physiotherapist appointments within a few days of my return.

I had been advised by a friend to contact the physiotherapist she had used herself. I was redirected by them to a company called ‘MOTIONrehab’ as, unable to drive following the surgery, I required home visits.

Within 24 hours I received my first visit from a young lady who I have been privileged to see twice a week from that point until today.

On that first meeting Stephanie regarded my two sticks with a questioning look—–how was I to attempt meaningful exercises so soon without a walking frame to make me feel safe. A walking frame arrived the following day!

I very soon began to look forward to Stephanie’s visits——why? Firstly, her concern for me as a person and not merely as a list of problems was apparent from day one. My every attempt was seen and encouraged until even I could see the progress! The frame was soon abandoned while ice packs reduced the considerable swelling and specific exercises were introduced gradually to increase mobility.
Within two weeks we ventured outside, encountering the unevenness of gravel paths and grass lawns. Stephanie could answer all the anxious questions on my mind and her constant reassurance has given me the confidence to return to work after only 4 weeks with a pain free knee & its responding muscles. I am 82years old.

I now have no need of a stick indoors and carry one outdoors when on my own as a ‘safety-net’.

With my grateful thanks & every blessing,
Christine Christophers

Christine's Story

For more information, about MOTIONrehab’s physiotherapy visits at home, please call MOTIONrehab’s Client Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or alternatively please email: