​Claire’s Story – Claire attended MOTIONrehab in July 2023 having had a diagnosis previously of Viral Labyrinthitis which caused her to be hospitalised. This resolved but in 2023 she continued to get small relapses in dizziness symptoms, always associated with head movements, which progressed into a significant episode at work of the room spinning, leaving her struggling to stand and causing nausea. She had previously seen a physiotherapist who had given her some exercises, but these were no longer helping. The GP had then prescribed some medication to dampen her vestibular system, but these were making her feel drowsy and unable to drive. Claire came to MOTIONrehab to see whether she could do anything more to manage her dizziness, help her return to work and function. She had limited herself to completing essential tasks only, which were challenging, and not completing any of her hobbies, such as walking, as these triggered the dizziness symptoms and nausea.

On assessment of her vestibular system, she appeared to have a deficit in the right ear which was likely to be BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). An Epleys maneuver was completed, and she was provided with vestibular exercises which she completed in clinic and at home. This was to build her tolerance to being able to move her head again without the sensation of dizziness. Claire also had reduced movement through her neck to try and avoid the dizziness. Claire worked hard on reducing stiffness in her neck and reduced the muscle stiffness around this area. Claire also had a deficit in her balance reactions and struggled to stand still with her eyes closed or stand in tandem. She was provided with some exercises to complete at home and she also used the TYMO machine in clinic to assist with building these responses back.

Claire worked with MOTIONrehab for 12 sessions and at the end of this period had no dizziness or stiffness in her neck, had completely stopped taking any medication, had returned to driving and work with no problems and was much improved with her balance skills. She reported this as “life changing”.

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