My son Craig suffered a horrific brain injury; everyone barring his family had given up on him. The only input he had was from myself and his siblings which was a physical and emotional struggle but worth it. Then along came Sarah and her colleague Jessica from MOTIONrehab®, a sheer breath of fresh air! They showed immense care and compassion not only towards my son but towards all the family, giving us all some self-worth back. They helped rebuild a family who was struggling both physically and emotionally as things were getting out of control. We were becoming lost.

On first meeting with Sarah, I was astonished by her professionalism, passion and the intensity of her treatments. She treated Craig from the beginning as a whole person, not just a complaint, and involved our whole family. Sarah not only improved my son physically through the intense physiotherapy they improved both his and our morale. He was always smiling when she came and left.

Before Sarah and her colleagues came to work with Craig we didn’t know where to turn too, she guided us and supported us to different assistance in and outside our area, even continuing that support away from home. She gave us guidance on charities that would eventually help us purchase special equipment, helped us contact rehabilitation centres, guided us through legal and financial turmoil.

We as a family will never be able to thank them enough.

Without the love, care, support and guidance we all received from Sarah and her colleagues I know my son wouldn’t have progressed from unresponsive to responsive. I also know our family wouldn’t have survived as we did through what was a tremendously difficult time.

Thank you, Sarah, you were and forever will be our saviour.

Janet and family