Emily's Diary Week 1

Emily’s Diary Week 1
First day towards getting my life back.
Physiotherapy – my movements/attempts were a lot more obvious than when Claire first saw me
LEXO Robotic Gait Trainer  – I managed 40 minutes (longer than I thought I’d be able to do)
OMEGO – 26% assistance
My legs stayed warm until I went to bed which is a nice change.

Tuesday 16th February 2021

No more pain than yesterday morning which is great.
OMEGO – This time the assistance was down to 10%
LEXO –  I managed up to 45 mins
Gutter frame – straight after LEXO, cannot believe how well that went
Standing with 2 people – felt almost ‘normal’
Physiotherapy – bed mobility and pivot transfers to practice
The more I talk the more smalls things I realise I want to learn to do again that I could not think of when I filled in the paperwork at the weekend. Propelling on grass and getting the wheelchair up/down curbs would making it more likely I could go outside independently.

Wednesday 17th February 2021

Front of hips and thighs tight
It was strange not going into the clinic today
I think if/when I get the hang of pivot transfers, it will make car transfers easier

Thursday 18th February 2021

Looking forward to today
OMEGO – higher assistance but felt like it helped stretch out some of the stiffness
Physiotherapy – pleased I managed bed mobility with bent legs without relying on the sides, straight legs is going to be really useful when I figure it out, need to remember to focus on how I am sitting down from stood and keeping arms relaxed when legs lock out, did not realise how important ankle movement was for my goals
TYMOcould not always feel the right muscles working but so happy it could sense something happening
Definitely going to incorporate a wobble board into what I am practicing regularly at home as soon as possible.

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