Emily's Diary

Emily’s Diary. This week Emily manages to walk into clinic independently for the first time this week and says she just feels happier!

Friday 12th March 20201
Physiotherapy – Stretches are important. Can practice making my own drinks, getting more normal every day.
LEXO – 30 minutes. Need a stronger push up through legs to stand straight
Stepping with people – feels like I will wake up from a dream soon
Physiotherapy – Practicing dressing/undressing lower half, hopefully this will make up a new morning routine soon
Crutches – Practice will make perfect
TYMO – Stepping toes on/off the board with frame, picking toes up is tricky but I only need a little at the minute
Crutches – Bending, lifting, extending

Saturday 13th/Sunday 14th March 2021
“It is great to see the difference at home too, even if it is making drinks and playing with the dogs more easily.”

Monday 15th March 2021
Crutches -More regular goes will make everything seem more natural
OMEGO – From 0 to 37% resistance
Walking Poles – Different styles of stepping to get used to
LEXO – Up to 40 mins, getting my heels down more
TYMO – Stepping backwards and forwards, helps to break down the patterns of walking
Crutches – Shifting, bending, lifting, extending
Physiotherapy – Hips are not very strong but it is something that can be worked on
Crutches – More independent every time!

Tuesday 16th March 2021
Moving towards using the walking poles a lot more. Fingers crossed I will get used to them soon.
LEXO – Down to 30 mins, really working on getting more weight through each leg.
Physiotherapy – Stairs, how do the physios work out how to approach this?
OMEGO – Starting the movement myself and up to 39% resistance 
TYMO – Balance practice with the walking poles. It needs to come from the core not arms.

Wednesday 17th March 2021
“I just feel happier.”

Thursday 18th March 2021
Physiotherapy – practicing a new morning routine
TYMO – Weight transfers and extending leg with a frame. Would be good to able to take slightly bigger steps.
LEXO – Up to 50 mins and trying to get the weight through each leg equal
Physiotherapy – Practicing getting on/off a bed. Small things will make a huge difference.
“More practice with the walking poles today, including out to the car!” 

Watch out for more from Emily’s Diary coming soon!

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