Emily’s Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Diary – Week 5 – 80 Hours Completed!

“Cannot believe next week is my last week, it has gone by so fast. I feel like a completely new version of me compared to when I started.”

Friday 19th March 2021
Physiotherapy – Getting on/off bed and bed mobility is going well. Laying on my front is a good stretch for my hips. Practising walking is just amazing, I hope the feeling never wears off.
OMEGO – Up to 41% resistance. Still need to work on bring my knees to chest, tricky to get the movement from only my hips.
LEXO – Down to 40 minutes, need to try and keep the gap between my knees and equal weight through both legs.
BALO – being stood with one foot in front of the other feels very different to when feet are next to each other.

Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st March 2021
Cannot believe next week is my last week, it has gone by so fast. I feel like a completely new version of me compared to when I started.

Monday 22nd March 2021
LEXO – 40 minutes, working on getting more weight through each leg
OMEGO – 6% to 45% resistance, working on bring knees to chest
Physiotherapy – Working on stairs, they feel so steep at the minute. Practicing rolling on and off my front to try and help bed mobility which would be great. 
TYMO – Stepping forward and back, pressing heels down and pushing from toes on the back foot. Add in pushing from toes to shifting, bending, lifting, extending pattern for walking.

Tuesday 23rd March 2021
TYMO – Stood on the wobble board with frame/Walking poles shifting weight from side to side. Not as bad as I thought it might be.  Practicing side stepping to hopefully help with regaining balance.
Physiotherapy – Standing from a lower starting point went well. Trying to hit a shuttlecock whilst staying balanced was different. Getting on/off the floor is OK as long as I can use my arms with my back against a seat.  Other ways are a work in progress.
OMEGO – Knee to chest movement is still rather tricky
LEXO – Down to 35 mins but over 2000 steps!

Wednesday 24th March 2021
The bed mobility practice has meant I have been able to sleep on my front/side for the first time since 2019. Fingers crossed it helps reduce some pain overnight.

Thursday 25th March 2021 – Last Day of Emily’s Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Programme.
Physiotherapy – Last day of the 80 hours of physiotherapy and I am still looking forward to it as much as my first. I have improved more than I thought would be possible. It feels like the sky is the limit and I may well be able to get the life I want back.
Physiotherapy – Balance test (was not able to complete at the beginning) and walk test (only been able to do since week 4 and is getting better each time)
Assessments – TYMO and OMEGO, able to have a go at all the parts now
TYMO – Side stepping practice and clearing the floor the majority of the time now. Bending to pick something off a step, bend at hip, then knees, balance hips behind with shoulders in front and reach down. Need to be holding on to a rail at the minute but hopefully I will be able to use both arms to pick up heavier things as I get better.
LEXO – down to 30 mins, assessment and up to 72 steps in a minute.
Stairs – getting better, particularly when I can remember the pattern of what to do next.

“It feels like the sky’s the limit and I may well be able to get the life I want back.”

Now that Emily’s Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation programme has come to an end, she will be continuing having physiotherapy sessions with us.

Watch out for Emily’s Story coming soon. 

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