Ms Rey is a 29 year old female. In October 2017, she was working full time as a head chef when in she developed symptoms of numbness across her face and around her mouth. Ms Rey experienced visual disturbance and left side weakness and was admitted to hospital unable to walk and use her left hand and arm. She underwent a number of investigations; however her MRI scan showed no specific diagnosis. After a short inpatient stay Ms Rey was discharged home diagnosed with a functional movement disorder.

Ms Rey received physiotherapy from the NHS and a local private provider. However, she had been discharged after being told “there is nothing more they could do for her.”

Ms Rey attended MOTIONrehab on the 7th August 2018 to participate in MOTIONrehab’s intensive neurological rehabilitation programme. On assessment she was found to have weakness in the left leg limiting her walking, poor balance and weakness and poor co-ordination limiting the movement and function of her left shoulder. In addition, she had no ability to use her left hand in day to day activities. 

Ms Rey was unable to manage buttons, zips and laces. She struggled to wash her hair. She could not use cutlery with her left hand and was unable to work.

“The therapists went above and beyond”

What did Ms Rey want to achieve?

  1. To return to work
  2. Be able to use her left hand in day to day tasks.
  3. Improve her balance with a view to being able to complete her role at work.


Ms Rey completed 80 hours of Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation consisting hands-on physiotherapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic exercise sessions and high repetition practice using upper and lower limb robotics and virtual reality devices for gamification of training.


Ms Rey worked exceptionally well in all one to one and robotics sessions and has demonstrated a large amount of improvement both in range of movement and strength in the left hand and wrist.  She is now able to:

  • Wash her hair using her left hand,
  • Perform kitchen tasks, i.e. lifting pans, chopping and stirring, with the left hand,
  • Use cutlery with both hands,
  • Do up buttons, zips and laces,
  • Miss Rey has returned to work.
  • Drive her car without the adapted steering wheel in her car.

I feel back to normal

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