Emily’s Diary Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation – Week 3

Friday 26th February 2021
TYMO – Combining ankle movements and pushing down with each foot without moving shoulders. Tricky but something else I can practice at home.
LEXO – 35 minutes and more weight through my legs, 74% average
Crutches – focus, lift from the hip and hope everything else follows
Physiotherapy – Working on the front of hips. Simplified exercise for home, when over T bar try and release pressure on it the try and squash it. Need to do these as much as possible might help make them less sore.
Crutches – I think keeping that rhythm helps, it is going so well.

Saturday 27th/Sunday 28th February
Somehow, I am feeling more tired on my rest day than those when I am in the clinic.

Monday 1st March
Physiotherapy – Working on bed mobility with bent legs went well, the muscles feel a little stronger. How I’m breathing during stretches/exercises is important. In as muscle relaxes, out as it tightens. Must remember not just to hold my breath. Must tuck pelvis under and stay in that position when stood or in half stands.
BALO – People’s knees are a lot further apart than mine.
LEXO – 35 minutes, should feel muscles tense up the leg as the machine steps forward. Foot, lower leg, thigh, hip.
TYMO – practicing ankles moving in opposite directions should help with thinking about different movements at the same time. Getting the hang of that would really make things simpler. Sit to stand I have got to try and engage legs before I push up rather than the other way round.
Gutter frame – Transfer weight, stand straight, bend hip and hope. My legs finally listened to me.
Crutches – look at that, they moved. They actually moved!

Tuesday 2nd March
Still feel like I am on cloud 9 from yesterday’s go on the crutches!
LEXO – back up to 45 mins, stretch up from your middle as legs start to sink
Crutches – it wasn’t just a fluke
Physiotherapy – Transfers over a larger angle, getting it right will mean I can use smaller spaces. Keep stretching hips
Crutches – Why just stick to forwards let’s try backwards
OMEGO – Up to 24kg though both legs, down to 16% resistance. Working up to the point where legs lock out will improve that hopefully. 

Wednesday 3rd March
I am so grateful I have found this team of people who are happy to work with me and my family.

Thursday 4th March
Physiotherapy – stretching hips and working up to the point where legs lock out. Bed mobility with bent legs went well. 
Crutches – I love being able to say, when the physios are helping me with walking…
OMEGO- Made it to 19% resistance and it was able to sense me bring my legs up towards me too.
LEXO – down to 40 mins, got up to 75% of my weight through both legs.

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