Izzy’s Story

Izzy was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder in April 2020. After a gradual deterioration in her mobility, Izzy joined us at MOTIONrehab in October 2021 for an initial assessment. This led into the start of an Intensive Rehabilitation Package of physiotherapy with our team in Hull.  

Izzy was previously very active, joining in many physical activities through school and outside of school such as running and tennis. Although Izzy had been taking part in wheelchair activities so she could continue her passions, she wanted to work on improving her mobility and strive for more independence out of her wheelchair.  

MOTIONrehab worked with Izzy to help her with her mobility. During her sessions, Izzy had a combination of traditional hands-on Physiotherapy, the use of the Robotics Suite and valuable sessions with the Occupational Therapists to transfer practice into Izzy’s home life. Izzy has made great progress so far and continues to make improvements each week.

After a month of being with MOTIONrehab, Izzy was consistently practicing her walking and standing in clinic. She also used the parallel bars and could walk along them with supervision. By January 2022, Izzy was able to transfer between her wheelchair and plinth with a wheeled zimmer frame and with just  a little assistance from a therapist.  

Izzy has been continuing to practice with the wheeled zimmer frame at home with support of her family and has now progressed onto crutches this month in clinic. Izzy has since been able to manage the stairs with some minimal assistance and hopes to be able to complete these independently very soon, so watch this space!

Izzy has been taking the crutches home to practice with her family and she had fed back this has been going well.

We think Izzy is doing brilliant! 

For more information, about MOTIONrehab’s Intensive Rehabilitation programmes, or to book an assessment, please call MOTIONrehab’s Client Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or email: info@motionrehab.co.uk