I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in late 2017 and pretty much since then have been working with and benefitting enormously from Helga and MOTIONrehab.

Helga is very skilled, has a great deal of knowledge and the gift of lightly but firmly controlling each and every weekly session, almost always introducing some new exercise or skill development whilst not forgetting to check up on progress made in older exercises. She has been generous in lending me equipment until I was able to decide what I needed to buy and is ingenious in adapting exercises to stave off deterioration in my physical condition. Helga has a light but serious touch and is very adept at encouraging progress and addressing issues with gentle encouragement and good humor.  She is easy to talk to, generous by nature, very hard working, flexible in her approach and clearly devoted to her job.  My wife and I are both immensely grateful to her.

Sessions usually start with strengthening exercises using weights, move on to coordination and balance, then stretching. Helga also strongly encourages daily exercise between our sessions and is always ready to explain the reasons for a particular requirement.