When I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis in 2012, I was paralysed from the neck down. Doctors were unable to say how well I would recover, and couldn’t promise that I would be able to walk again. We knew of the expertise of Sarah Daniel so we contacted her. She came to assess and treat me in London the next day. 

 Sarah’s knowledge and understanding of my neurological symptoms was excellent. She immediately made me feel like I was in safe hands! After a thorough assessment, Sarah was confident that I would make a good recovery. She began treatment straight away, moving my limbs (as I couldn’t) and prescribing electrical muscle stimulation as well as exercises for me to do with the aid of my husband. Sarah even got me to stand up on my own two feet within a few days of falling ill which was a turning point for me mentally. Sarah’s knowledge and expertise proved to make a huge difference to my progress. Everytime I worked with Sarah I felt stronger and everyone noticed how much progress I made after each session. I left the hospital 10 weeks later, fully physically functional.

 I continued to see Sarah for treatment for a few months after I left hospital. She was always thorough in her assessments of my abilities and progress. I could  always feel improvements in my posture and movements after a session! Sarah was always honest and realistic about the progress she thought I was capable of. She always motivated me and helped me believe I would be well again. 

When I was well enough, Sarah spent some time with me in the gym and drew up a fitness programme to help me to gain more strength and fitness. She also introduced me to a personal trainer. Sarah spent a few sessions working with the PT to guide him as to my strengths and weaknesses and direct the sort of exercises I should be doing. Thanks to Sarah’s abilities as a neurological physio, her positive encouragement and her consideration of my mental health, I made a full recovery. I would without reservation recommend Sarah Daniel to anyone who needed neurological physiotherapy.