On Tuesday 11th April 2018, the team at MOTIONrehab Leeds had a very exciting delivery all the way from TYROMOTION in Austria.  MOTIONrehab will be the first private neurological rehabilitation company in the UK to house the complete upper limb TYROSOLUTION incorporating AMADEO, DIEGO, MYRO and the TYROSTATION with PABLO and TYMO. Chris from Ectron, the exclusive UK distributor for TYROMOTION spent the day setting up the devices and will be back next week to train the team.

Once finished, MOTIONrehab will have a range of upper and lower limb robotics and virtual reality devices. MOTIONrehab’s new and unique concept will offer patients specialist one to one hands-on therapy from experienced clinics. Uniquely, MOTIONrehab clients will also spend time training with robotic and virtual reality devices individually and in groups. 

Increasingly over the last decade or so rehabilitation technology has provided the means for mass practise and repetition, however MOTIONrehab is the first clinic in the UK to truly use technology to offer high intensity neurological rehabilitation programmes.

For more information about intensive rehabilitation programmes at MOTIONrehab, please call our Client Services Team:  0800 8600 138 or email: [email protected]