Mrs P

Let’s take a moment to share the success of one of our clients

Mrs P has been working with MOTIONrehab for a number of years and continues to surprise and excel.

In her most recent session with neurological physiotherapist Tom, she has achieved her goal of being independent in accessing the bench in her garden. Her confidence is always growing and it’s lovely to see!

This goal was no small feat as it involved negotiating a set of stairs, a hard pathway and then a difficult transition on to grass which is both very spongy with an incline.

Tom was taken aback by the motivation and desire she showed in achieving the task. Mrs P told Tom the support she required and was able to complete the task with just her walking stick.

The reward for Mrs P was that she was able to access her garden and sit with a cup of coffee in her beautiful surroundings. We think this is a wonderful goal to have.

Mrs P has been practicing with Tom all the component parts of this challenge as well as working on balance and confidence in sessions. This outcome was the culmination of all that hard work. Well done Mrs P! This has a been a long time in the making but it was brilliant to be a part of the journey and to see Mrs P achieve her goal.

We all have our own goals that some may take for granted, but they mean the world to the individual therefore each goal is meaningful and precious. Here at MOTIONrehab we work with individuals on their own personal goals and always have faith in the opportunity for achievement. We would like to thank Mrs P for allowing us to work with her, each session is a pleasure.