Home-based Rehabilitation


MOTIONrehab offer Home-based Rehabilitation or Domiciliary Rehabilitation for people who have difficulty getting out and about. Home-based rehabilitation uses task specific training to help you reach your potential.

We realise that not everyone is able to get out and about with ease. This may be due to difficulties with your mobility or balance. Additionally, it maybe that you struggle with transport or require support to leave your home.

Our physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists are able to treat clients either at home or in their place of residence and save you the stress and difficulty of trying to come into our clinic. When working at home we will provide an assessment, looking at areas you find more challenging. This can include activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, using the bathroom, cooking or managing stairs and getting in and out of a car.  We also work with you to improve your ability and confidence getting in out of the house to access work, leisure activities or sport.

Once we have established your goals and therapy programme, we recognise that repetition of tasks is very important. Therefore, we encourage family members and carers to help carry out home based-exercise programme based around your interests, and we will provide training as necessary.  We are also able to advise on aids and equipment to make life easier and promote independence

Although there maybe some constraints to working in the home compared to one of our clinics, we are able to bespoke your treatment plan to address the specific difficulties you have in your own environment.

MOTIONrehab welcome the opportunity to link with other professionals involved in your care. These may include your care team, community and hospital based NHS teams or local support networks such as charity groups (i.e. Stroke Association, Headway, MS Society etc).

MOTIONrehab’s home-based rehabilitation will to empower you to be as independent as possible in your daily life.

For more information about how MOTIONrehab® can help with home based rehabilitation, please call the MOTIONrehab® Customer Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or email info@MOTIONrehab.co.uk


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