Neurological Pilates


Pilates is a form of exercise that works on improving posture, strength, core stability, flexibility and balance. It was initially developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s and has been adapted to make it a safe and effective form of rehabilitation for many conditions. It is based on key principles that include focusing on the activation of the core stability muscles and appropriate movement and breathing patterns. We adapt traditional Pilates exercises to ensure they are safe and appropriate to carry out with people with Neurological conditions.

At MotionRehab, our Neurological Physiotherapists utilise core stability exercises as a fundamental part of rehabilitation in many Neurological conditions. Like a building has a foundation, the human body needs its foundation to function effectively and efficiently. By targeting the activation of your core stability muscles, your postural alignment, flexibility and balance we can progress your rehabilitation and enable you to function at a higher level.

Pilates can either be taught as part of a small class or on a one-to-one basis. You will need to attend an initial 30 minute assessment to ensure you are appropriate for the classes. This involves summarising your medical history and determining your level of ability to ensure you attend the most appropriate class.

Am I appropriate for the Pilates classes?

 Classes would involve sitting, standing and lying on the floor in different positions (assistance can be given on/off floor as needed). We can determine your suitability through discussion over the telephone or at your initial 30 minute assessment.

We ensure there are no more than 6 people in a class in order to provide individual attention throughout. We tailor exercises within the classes as needed to individual abilities and to focus on areas that you specifically need to work on. We give different options of levels within the class and provide appropriate modifications if there are components you are unable to do.

At initial assessment concerns are often expressed that they would be slower than others but quickly realise that everyone is able to take things at their own pace and are able to chat and give support to each other if they wish. 

When, where and how long are the classes?

Classes run at various days and times and this can be discussed with the teaching therapist.

Classes last 55 minutes but if you need a rest at any time you do not need to carry on with the class and can access a chair, toilet or drink at any time. There is level access, a disabled toilet and car parking in front of the building.

If you are having a one-to-one session we can decide the appropriate duration of the session at your assessment.

The group classes are weekly and run as a 6 week course. As many patients are benefitting from the classes and enjoy it as a form of regular exercise and meeting others they are continuing to book course after course. You can decide this on a course by course basis. One-to-one sessions can be attended as little or as often as is appropriate.


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