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Crispin Orthotics have established themselves as a leading Orthotic Service and product manufacturing company who constantly strive to develop new and unique orthotic solutions for their patients. Crispin Orthotics have introduced the latest technologies in order to help provide effective orthotics solutions to help walking, postural support and upper limb positioning and support.

Crispin work with individuals following a neurological illness or injury such as; stroke, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions.

Crispin Orthotics start their treatment intervention with a bespoke assessment, this may include motion analysis, 3D scanning technology or casting.

Crispin Orthotics have also introduced 3D printing technology into the manufacturing of their orthotics. This technological innovation enables them to the provide extremely low profile custom made foot orthotics, as well as lightweight, rigid wrist braces. This can frequently overcome the difficulties individuals experience when using orthotics, such as, they are heavy and cumbersome to wear, or too bulky to fit into footwear.

Crispin Orthotics realise the importance of a patient centred approach to the provision of Orthoses both in their NHS and Private clinics. To achieve truly client centre solutions Crispin recognise outcomes can be optimised if partnered with like-minded Organisations. Crispin are proud to be Orthotics collaborating with MOTIONrehab.

MOTIONrehab and Crispin Orthotics offer a joint Physiotherapy and Orthotics service.

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