26th APRIL 2018


Leeds clinic brings state of the art, high intensity neuro rehabilitation-boosting technology to the UK

MOTIONrehab is set to take high-intensity brain injury and illness rehabilitation to a new level opens its doors in Yorkshire this week.

The brand new MOTIONrehab centre in Leeds is the first of its kind in the country. It provides specialist neuro rehabilitation augmented by state of the art robotics and virtual reality technology. It is the only centre in the UK providing high intensity rehabilitation for people recovering from brain injuries such as a stroke, acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions.

Following extensive research in the UK and overseas, Business Owner and Clinical Director Sarah Daniel was keen to bring the latest technology to her home county of Yorkshire to complement traditional neurological rehabilitation.

“Rehabilitation is based around the ‘practice makes perfect’ adage: the more you do, the better you get,” she says. “But this isn’t translating into current delivery models. Most rehabilitation programmes are delivered in short bursts, which simply isn’t enough time to complete the level of repetition needed to deliver the information the brain needs to ‘relearn’ movement.

“We know that neuroplasticity – the ability for your brain to essentially ‘rewire’ in response to learning – exists, and we’ve seen rehabilitation results improve significantly when exercises are repeated more frequently over longer periods of time: ideally several hours a day. Many people simply aren’t aware of how much progress it is possible to make with this ‘high repetition’ approach. We want to change that. We want to help more people access these benefits and get their lives back more quickly.

“We’re combining the skills and experience of our team with the very latest VR and robotic-assisted equipment to provide bespoke, high intensity rehabilitation programmes that will give the brain a better chance of re-learning following neurological illness or injury. We are the first facility in the country to be able to do this, and we’re very excited at the potential it offers for recovery.”

The new centre has six treatment rooms and a robotics and VR suite, housing equipment that enables patients to practise dynamic and motivating exercises to help maintain or regain balance, the ability to walk and hand and arm movement. There is also a robotic gait trainer that allows patients to make up to 40 times more steps than treadmill training or manual walking practise.

The MOTIONrehab Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Centre is the first facility in the UK to offer open access to a comprehensive set of devices designed to treat all aspects of arm and leg rehabilitation, using robotics and virtual reality. The devices enable high repetition of movement and are based on gaming technology, which encourages patients to aim for higher scores to keep them motivated. “Not only does this make treatment more interesting and engaging for patients,but integrating these devices with traditional therapy means that people at any stage of their rehabilitation, and with any level of disability, can participate in motivating and challenging therapy,” Sarah says.

“People want to get well, and they want to get their lives back. High intensity rehabilitation has a crucial role to play, and our new centre makes it available and accessible.”




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MOTIONrehab is a team of 23 specialist neurological physiotherapists, occupational therapists and exercise instructors working across Yorkshire and Humberside. The team has been delivering independent private rehabilitation for over 10 years in its own clinics, private rehabilitation hospitals and homes across the region. For more information about the new centre, visit  

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