Our time at MOTIONrehab was really good for Roberta.  It wasn’t only the physio and occupational therapy treatment itself but also the general approach and the way that we were treated. Until then Roberta had always been a ‘patient’ and at MOTIONrehab she felt like a client.  This helped her immensely and was a great stepping stone towards a more normal life. Your colleagues were also really welcoming to me and happy to talk and share their thoughts, discoveries and recommendations.  In Italy the approach has almost always been to take Roberta away behind closed doors for treatment and, whilst I am sure she is receiving good treatment, it’s very difficult to have a dialogue with those therapists to see what is happening, understand their approach and plan, and for them to hear from me on how Roberta is outside of the therapy sessions.  I also really liked the teamwork approach that the staff have there.  They were always working together in the best interests of the clients.