After suffering a stroke in December 2017, I was left unable to use or feel my right hand side. Even after weeks in hospital and physiotherapy which helped me gain all of my mobility back, I still had areas which I was struggling in. Before I went to my first MOTIONrehab session, I felt very weak on my right side and had a large amount of numbness in my right arm and hand. I was also walking with a stick, and had little confidence after my stroke. After just a couple of sessions, I no longer felt I needed my stick and had the confidence to walk unaided again – after being helped massively with my balance through the exercises provided and also the technology. I was also recommended different techniques to improve the numbness in my right arm and feel that these have made a difference too. Before, I couldn’t have even left the house alone and struggled walking down the street, whereas now I have much more independence and can even walk to the shops alone – something I worried I might never have the confidence to do again! 
Massive thanks to Julie and the rest of the team who make a huge difference to peoples lives by letting them know that improvement is always possible, and for always being so friendly!