Since your last visit and having reset the electrode pads I have used the device everyday to walk with during my daily walking exercise routine, these sessions are usually 45 minutes each 4 times during every day. The routine has made a vast difference to the cast and flexibility of my ankle to foot. Instead of struggling walking on the outside of my foot The device positions my foot so that I walk with the flat of the foot and ball of the foot. I also use the exercise function on the device during evenings this supplements the daily walking exercise.the device has made a vast difference in my recovery and ambition to regain independent walking ability. My progress has also been monitored by Laura yesterday and she has passed positive comment on my improved stride and foot positioning, as well as my confidence and standing stance. Many thanks for your perseverance and positive approach over the months since you first assessed me back in March this year, for me personally the device has been a boost to my confidence and physical rehabilitation