Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is neurological rehabilitation?

Neurological rehabilitation facilitates the treatment of patients with nervous system or neurological diseases or injury. Rehabilitation aims to increase function, reduce debilitating symptoms, and improve a patient’s quality of life. The types of rehabilitation treatments recommended depend on the areas of the body affected by the neurological condition.

How do I make an appointment with MOTIONrehab?

To make an appointment please ring MOTIONrehab Client Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or email:

Do I need a referral for rehabilitation?

No. You do not need a referral to come to MOTIONrehab. You can self-refer to MOTIONrehab. We work in partnership with other rehabilitation health professionals around the region and are happy to work with the NHS and the private sector. Our large network and knowledge of the rehabilitation sector enables us to access other professionals (such as Occupational Therapists, Orthotists, Seating Specialists) to integrate seamlessly with your physiotherapy treatment.

How much will my appointment cost?

Prices of treatment can vary dependent on a number of factors including whether you attend our clinics or require a home visit and length of the treatment session. Please call: 0800 8600 138 and our Client Services Team will be able to advise you. 

Can I use my insurance?

MOTIONrehab is recognised by most major UK based insurers. We always recommend that you contact your health insurer prior to making an appointment to ensure that the cost of your appointment will be covered. When you attend your appointment, please bring your insurance details including the authorisation number with you so that we can liaise with your insurer on your behalf.

How can I fund my treatment?

Medical Insurance

If the costs of your rehabilitation is to be settled by a medical insurance company MOTIONrehab will require an authorisation number prior to carrying out treatment. Please note that should an account be rejected or not paid in full by your insurer, you will be liable for the settlement of unpaid bills.

Own Account / Self-Funding

If you are responsible for your own account, you will be invoiced for each therapy session based upon the estimated length of the treatment time. Full settlement of any outstanding balance is required 7 days after receipt of invoice. We accept payment by cash, cheque, credit and debit card. We do not accept American Express

What are your opening times?

MOTIONrehab opening times are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Evening and weekend appointments may be available. Please call the office to discuss availability on 0800 8600 138

How long will my appointment last?

The duration of your appointment will depend on a number of factors. A first appointment usually takes up to one hour, this includes time to write clinical notes required by our professional body..  Follow up appointments are also normally an hour unless you become fatigued and then the appointment times will be adjusted and invoiced for accordingly.

How soon will I be seen?

At MOTIONrehab we aim to book an initial assessment within five working days.

What happens at my first appointment?

On arrival you will be provided with our Terms and Conditions of Business and the relevant consent forms to agree to treatment. If you would like to receive these in advance of your appointment please contact our Client Services Team on 0800 8600 138. and they will assist you. If received in advance please bring the completed document with you to the first appointment. 

As part of your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will need to take details of your medical history, present condition, allergies/sensitivities and current medications. Please come to the appointment in comfortable clothing, for example, shorts, t-shirt, and trainers.

Can I bring someone in with me?

You are welcome to bring a friend or relative in with you if you would prefer to have someone with you. 

Do you have disabled access?

The MOTIONrehab Clinics are all fully wheelchair accessible.

Can I park at the clinic?

Parking is available at all our clinics.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Owing to the high level of demand for appointments, MOTIONrehab would ask that any cancellations are made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact the Client Services Team directly on 0800 8600 138. Failure to give 24 hours notice prior to the appointment will result in a cancellation charge being applied for the full cost of the booked appointment. 

Do you see children at MOTIONrehab?

MOTIONrehab Specialist Neurological Physiotherapists are happy to treat anyone from the ages five years old upwards. For children under the age of five years old, we have a Specialist Neurological Peadiatric Physiotherapist based at our York Clinic

I had my stroke or injury several years ago, will rehabilitation work for me?

Research suggests that recovery tends to be at its fastest within the first 18 months to 2 years following injury or illness. However, after this period people can still make life changing improvements with rehabilitation as the brain and body are still able to change. However, the rate of change is just slower than immediately after onset. The MOTIONrehab Team have had great success and positive outcomes numerous years after initial illness or injury. (Please see our case studies and testimonial section). During your first appointment, your therapist will discuss your individual goals and be able to advise on possible improvements and outcomes.

What type of neurological rehabilitation equipment does MOTIONrehab have access to?

MOTIONrehab has access to all the latest neurological rehabilitation equipment and technology available on the market to aid your rehabilitation. MOTIONrehab does not act as sales representatives or distributors for any neurological rehabilitation technology companies. This ensures you are only ever assessed for the most clinically correct equipment suitable for your rehabilitation needs.


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