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Do you have patients that have difficulties following neurological conditions such as Stroke, Head Injuries or Spinal Cord Injuries? Do you support patients living with progressive long term conditions such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis which limits their independence? Do family members ask you if you know anyone that can help improve their loved-ones mobility, balance and function? As you are aware many individuals with neurological conditions have impairments arising from their disease, injury or illness but also present with secondary complications from weakness, immobility, spasticity and pain.

MOTIONrehab offer highly trained and specialist rehabilitation in the treatment of all neurological conditions.

We are happy to accept referrals from Doctors, Consultants, healthcare professionals, family members and the patients themselves.

We start with a comprehensive neuro-musculoskeletal assessment to identify impairments and formulate a tailored treatment plan to achieve the individual’s goals and reach their rehabilitation potential. This includes one-to-one hands on treatment as well as considering and implementing rehabilitation technology that can augment the rehabilitation process.

MOTIONrehab believe that collaboration with health professionals across the private sector and NHS can result in greater outcomes for the patient and help them reach their potential. MOTIONrehab will provide reports on request detailing assessment findings and treatment plans. We are happy to arrange joint assessments as appropriate to maximise therapy outcomes.

High-Intensity Rehabilitation

In April 2018, MOTIONrehab launched the UK’s first Intensive outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Centre augmented by Robotics and Virtual Reality. The clinic offers specialist one-to-one hands-on therapy from experienced and highly skilled clinicians and uniquely MOTIONrehab clients spend time receiving high intensity specialist rehabilitation training with robotic and virtual reality devices. This allows patients to practice high repetitions of movements which is critical to neuroplasticity and recovery

MOTIONrehab’s services include:

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Intensive Upper Limb Neurorehabilitation Programmes.


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