Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I expect before I start my Intensive Rehabilitation Programme (IRP)?
  • Once you have attended your initial assessment and the assessing therapist has recommended
    an Intensive Rehabilitation Programme, MOTIONrehab’s Client Services Team will take note of a potential start date, whether an
    AM or PM session is more suitable, which days’ work best for you, whether you have any existing diary
    commitments yourself and any other details required – Please be aware MOTIONrehab may not be able to provide an immediate start date due to demand on services. However MOTIONrehab will endeavour to start your programme as soon as possible
  • The Client Services Team will inform MOTIONrehab’s Accounts team and a 50% deposit will be required to be
    paid to secure the date you request
  • Once all the sessions for the 80-hour programme have been booked into the diary, the Client
    Services Team will send you a confirmation email and any additional information required
  •  Lunch is provided for all clients, if guests require lunch this can be ordered/paid for via the Client
    Services Team (Leeds), alternatively if you have special dietary requirements that cannot be met
    you are welcome to bring your own food and store it in the kitchen provided.
What should I expect on the first day of my Intensive Rehabilitation Programme?
  • You will be greeted by one of our Client Services Team.  They will be able to inform you
    of any housekeeping (i.e., location of toilets, food/drink facilitates). They will highlight the Fire
    Safety Procedure and ask that you/your guests make yourself familiar with it
  • If you are attending with a guest(s), please inform our Client Services Team. This allows us to be
    aware of who is in the building at any time. If they are leaving the building/grounds please can they
    inform the Client Service Team. 
  • The Therapy Team will complete goal setting and activity measures as a baseline to help with
    progression evaluation in the first therapy session.
What is the structure of a typical day of the Intensive Rehabilitation Programme?
  • Morning sessions: 9am – 13:30 (30min break after 2 hours). Lunch to follow at 13:30. The mid-
    morning break can be adjusted to allow for an earlier lunch, if required
  • Afternoon sessions: 12:30 – 17:00 (30min break after 2hours). Lunch prior to start at 12:00
  • 4 x 60minute sessions: 1 x 1:1 therapy (Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise Instructor). 3 x High
    intensity/repetition robotics (depending on the individuals needs this may vary at the discretion of the therapists).
What should I wear?
  • Something that is comfortable to move in i.e., T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms/leggings/shorts.
  • Shoes that will not slip off the feet but cover the toes (required for use of the LYRA and LEXO devices) for example, trainers. 
What is goal setting?
  • This is a process which is led by the individual and facilitated by the therapist. It is extremely
    important to ensure we are working towards things that are important for you
  • We will assist you to make realistic goals in the time you are with us, using our experience and
    expertise in neurological recovery
  • Generally, the first therapy session will involve goal setting and completion of activity measures
    to help evaluate your progression
  • Your progress is reviewed weekly by the therapy team to help you reach your full potential. We
    may make smaller weekly goals to help focus your treatment
  • The final therapy session we will review your goals and activity measures to allow
    evaluation of your treatment.
What is a Key Worker?
  •  A Key Worker is an allocated person that will act as a facilitator between yourself/family and the
    staff involved in your treatment
  • This will generally be your lead therapist (Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist /Neurological Occupational Therapist) and they will direct your treatment inline
    with the goals you set at the beginning of the programme
  • You will be allocated a Key Worker at the beginning of the programme and will be informed
    who that will be
  • Your Key Worker will discuss your therapy plan with you/your family throughout your Intensive Rehab Programme helping to make recommendations for future rehabilitation. This can include liaising with other therapy teams or health professionals with your permission.
Will I see the same person?

Your sessions will be carried out by the team, with your key worker overseeing this:

  • We aim to limit this to 2 therapists and 2-3 therapy assistants
  • We value the unique opportunity that our large team can give the most rounded input into your
I/my family have some questions regarding my therapy, who should I ask?
  • All questions should be directed to your key worker. You can use your therapy session to have
    these discussions.
  • If family members would like to discuss anything about your treatment without you being present, we require consent for this from you and these discussions will form part of your therapy time.
  • Alternatively, additional sessions can be booked with the therapist. Please refer to our T & C’s for the associated costs.
  • If you would like to make changes to your programme, for example, to increase/decrease the use of certain equipment, please direct this question to your key worker.
I have a Physiotherapist/Occupational Therapist that I work with outside of MOTIONrehab, will you be able to work together?

Our aim is to help you achieve the best possible outcomes from your therapy. Therefore, we believe collaborating
with other therapists is the best way to achieve this, to promote a seamless process in your rehab.

  • We recognise that the facilities at MOTIONrehab are unique and therefore we frequently have clients referred by
    other therapy teams to help promote rehab outcomes
  •  Your key worker may liaise with your existing team (we will only approach with your prior consent) to
    share key points from your rehabilitation and help to facilitate additional services that maybe
    required, such as orthotic and wheelchair reviews, long term spasticity management.
Do I need to bring anything with me?
  •  If you use any splints for your hand/wrist or foot/ankle
  •  Functional electrical stimulation (FES)
  • Walking aids, such as walking stick, poles, frames
  • Current wheelchair
  • Adapted cutlery used during mealtime
  • Drinks bottle, a water fountain is available. As well as hot drinks
  • Personal items required for toileting, such as pads, urinal bottles
I need support when using the toilet facilities, will someone help me?


  • MOTIONrehab does not have nursing support onsite. Therefore, we are not able to provide support
    for intimate hygiene care. If you require this level of assistance when toileting it is your responsibility
    to bring a carer/family member to support you
  •  MOTIONrehab staff can assist with mobilising to or transfers on/off the toilet – discussed and planned
    for in advance.

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