Sam was a fit and healthy young Physiotherapist working for the NHS when, in 2013, he was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour.

Complications during surgery to remove the tumour left him with nerve damage and tragically, Sam was left without the use of his arm. Since then, with intense rehabilitation and a new brace to support his arm, he is slowly rebuilding his life.

“I love the outdoors, and am an active guy who enjoys walking, climbing, skiing as well as playing men’s lacrosse. I represented my county and country in men’s lacrosse in my youth, so sport is a big part of my life”, said Sam. “During surgery, my nerves were damaged and my right arm was almost completely paralysed. I was left unable to straighten my elbow due to intense, chronic neuropathic pain.’

‘I tried a basic sling to begin with, but it didn’t help so on discussing with my Physiotherapist Sarah Danielwe tried a new device by mobility specialists Ottobock called the Omo Neurexa. It’s a brace designed to support the shoulder when there is an absence of muscle activity and in doing so, it reduces the chance of dislocation and pain. As muscle activity returns, it creates a stable base which allows you to use your arm functionally.’

The Omo Neurexa has given me the support and comfort that I needed to carry out everyday activities. It enables me to use my right arm whilst keeping it supported during my challenging physiotherapy programme. Prior to using it I relied heavily on my left arm as my damaged arm felt heavy and uncontrolled, now it feels supported and reliable.’

‘I now have more confidence in using my right arm to lift objects, take a drink and even go to the gym! The support helps me with my rehabilitation by improving the shoulders proprioception and giving me a stable base to move from. The adjustable straps between the elbow and shoulder have meant that I can control the extent that the elbow extends which helps me to control the pain. Overall the Ottobock Omo Neurexa has greatly improved my independence and function.’

‘I am now back at work full time and have been able to start playing lacrosse’.