Bryan's Story

Bryan’s Story – Bryan recently completed a course of  intensive rehabilitation at MOTIONrehab’s Hull clinic, which comprised of 80 hours therapy spread over 6 weeks.  

Following a Spinal Cord Injury and problems with long-term back pain, Bryan was looking to improve his mobility and balance. Bryan was walking with two elbow crutches and his posture was not improving. Bryan was previously working full time and this was something he wanted to get back to.  

Bryan had specialist one-to-one hands-on therapy and also spent time training with the robotic, sensor based and virtual reality devices. Bryan was determined to try everything and also enjoyed time in the gym to increase his fitness and strength.  

Throughout Bryans time with us, Bryan has shown signs of improvement to his walking, progressing firstly to a walking stick, and then even further to independent walking in clinic and around his house! 

The robotic technology enabled us assess and re-assess Bryan’s progress and receive real time data to show improvements and also areas of weakness to helped us tailor Bryan’s therapy. Therapist can see from the data outcomes that Bryan has also increased his range of movement when standing which means he is now able to reach out in all directions without losing his balance, further than he could previously! Bryan is much more aware of his posture and makes conscious efforts to encourage this to improve. We can also see from the data that Bryan is more symmetrical in cycling, which shows improvement too. 

At the end of the Intensive Package Bryan and his wife fed back that they are very pleased with Bryans progress and Bryan hopes to return to us soon for further Rehab.  

Bryan has recently been in touch to tell us he is now back working full time and able to climb in and out of HGV trucks! What amazing news to hear!