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An incomplete injury is caused when only a part of the spinal cord is damaged or disrupted. The result can be many different symptoms which vary from person to person even with the same level injury as it depends on the specific nerve fibres damaged. This can include symptoms predominately on one side of the body or different symptoms on either side. If the damage to the spinal cord is severe and affects all of the spinal cord the injury is described as complete. This usually results in a permanent loss of function below the level of the injury.

MOTIONrehab works to achieve an individual’s full potential even after they have been told: “this is as good as you’re going to get”. Our rehabilitation team will develop a treatment plan based specifically on the client’s abilities and goals for recovery.

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Pioneering Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Centres

At MOTIONrehab, we are proud pioneers in the field of intensive robotic-led neurological rehabilitation. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has positioned us as leaders in providing cutting-edge therapy solutions for individuals with neurological conditions.

Through our revolutionary evidence-based approach, we harness the power of robotics and rehabilitation technologies to deliver intensive, targeted rehabilitation for children and adults following a Spinal Cord Injury. Our evidence-based, state-of-the-art robotic devices are at the forefront of rehabilitation technology, offering precise, repetitive movements that are essential for promoting neuroplasticity and motor recovery.

We believe in the transformative potential of intensive robotics-led therapy, it’s not about the number of hours of treatment, it’s what you do in the time that counts! By offering intensive rehabilitation in a supportive and motivating environment, we enable our clients to achieve the high number of repetitions needed to empower our clients to achieve remarkable progress and regain independence in their daily lives.

MOTIONrehab is providing evidence-based rehabilitation with robotics to ensure patients are receiving a high number of accurate repetitions which evidence tells us is required to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our innovative approach, combined with our unwavering commitment to excellence, makes us pioneers in the field and trusted partners in the journey toward recovery and rehabilitation.

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MOTIONrehab can help with

MOTIONrehab has great success in improving the quality of life of both adults and children following a spinal cord injury and MOTIONrehab are renowned for their person-centred approach to rehabilitation, personalising each individuals therapy to enable everybody to achieve their full potential.

  • Balance
  • Hand & arm function
  • Leg & foot function
  • Walking
  • Spasticity & spasms
  • Posture management
  • Pain
  • Cognitive Difficulties
  • Transfer abilities
  • Provision of equipment
  • Support school, work, sport or leisure
  • Family/carer education

Specialist Rehabilitation

Motionrehab have expertise in the rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries, ultilising hands-on treatment and using evidence-based rehabilitation robotics and technology. After a bespoke assessment MOTIONrehab provide tailored rehabilitation programmes to optimise the individual’s overall well-being and functional independence. The specific interventions will vary based on the severity and level of the spinal cord injury and the individual’s unique needs and goals.

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Our services

MOTIONrehab accepts national and international referrals. Clients are able to self-refer or alternatively MOTIONrehab accepts referrals from Consultants, GP’s Private Insurance Companies, Personal Injury Claims, CHC, IFR. MOTIONrehab is happy to work in partnership with your GP, Consultant or other health professionals. MOTIONrehab’s services include:

For more information about how MOTIONrehab can help following a spinal cord injury, speak to our Customer Services Team

Frequently asked questions

Yes, most individuals with spinal cord injuries can benefit from rehabilitation. The extent of improvement depends on various factors, including the severity of the injury, overall health, and individual motivation.

Challenges may include adjusting to new physical abilities, managing pain, preventing secondary complications (like pressure sores), and addressing emotional and psychological aspects of the injury. MOTIONrehab are mindful that individual experiences with spinal cord injury rehabilitation can vary, and consequently all therapy programmes are personalized with regards to information and guidance.

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain and nervous system’s ability to adapt and reorganize. Rehabilitation aims to harness neuroplasticity to promote recovery and adaptation to new ways of performing tasks.

Yes, research and technology advancements continue to improve rehabilitation techniques and outcomes. MOTIONrehab are UK leaders in the delivery of rehabilitation involving robotics and technologies and the integration of technology will always be considered when devising rehabilitation programme. We incorporate neurostimulation, robotic gait training, VR technology and sensory based biofeedback devices and other innovative approaches, as well as staying update with industry developments.

On arrival you will be provided with our Terms and Conditions of Business and the relevant consent forms to agree to treatment. If you would like to receive these in advance of your appointment please contact our Client Services Team on 0800 8600 138. and they will assist you. If received in advance please bring the completed document with you to the first appointment.

As part of your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will need to take details of your medical history, present condition, allergies/sensitivities and current medications. Please come to the appointment in comfortable clothing, for example, shorts, t-shirt, and trainers.

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