Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurological condition that affects the production of a chemical called dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is needed to help transmit messages in the part of the brain that co-ordinates movement. In Parkinson’s the cells that produce this chemical die. This in turn stops other parts of the brain from working correctly which then causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease to appear.

Over the years as the level of dopamine continues to fall symptoms develop further and new symptoms can appear. Common symptoms of Parkinson’s are tremorrigidity (stiffness) and slowness of movement, walking difficulties, urinary incontinence and memory problems.

MOTIONrehab can help individuals with Parkinsons

Exercise, movement and postural advice is extremely helpful in managing the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. If you are recently diagnosed and want advice or have been struggling for a while MOTIONrehab can help. MOTIONrehab have extensive expertise and great success in improving the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s Disease with Neurological Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. MOTIONrehab provide a person-centred approach to assessment, rehabilitation, and therapy to enable everybody to achieve their individual goals and reach their full potential.

MOTIONrehab’s services include:

MOTIONrehab accepts referrals directly from clients, alternatively MOTIONrehab accepts referrals from Consultants, GP’s Private Insurance Companies, Personal Injury Claims, CHC, IFR. MOTIONrehab is happy to work in partnership with your GP, Consultant or other health professionals

In April 2018, MOTIONrehab launched the UK’s first intensive outpatient neurological rehabilitation centre augmented by Robotics and Virtual Reality. The clinic based in Leeds offers specialist one-to-one hands-on therapy from experienced and highly skilled clinicians and uniquely MOTIONrehab clients spend time receiving high intensity specialist rehabilitation training with robotic and virtual reality devices. This allows patients to practice high repetitions of movements which is critical to neuroplasticity and recovery. The centre includes a range of upper and lower limb robotics. The MOTIONrehab centre is the only location within UK with all of these particular devices, giving the clinic International Reference Centre Status for treatment, teaching and research.

For more information about how MOTIONrehab can help with Parkinson’s, please call our Customer Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or email [email protected]

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