car accident and rehabMOTIONrehab was featured in the Yorkshire Post along with Marlon Laight’s remarkable recovery story following his car accident and rehab at MOTIONrehab’s Intensive Robotic-Led Neurological Rehabilitation Centre. Journalist Chris Burns, met with Marlon to hear his story and find out how MOTIONrehab and Marlon’s determination helped to defy the odds.

The article states: 

Marlon was in a coma for three weeks in intensive care and when he left hospital after eight months, the prognosis was bleak with Marlon being wheelchair-bound and told the potential for improvement was limited. But his mother Helen decided to try a recently-opened neurorehabilitation centre on the outskirts of Leeds run by a private company called MOTIONrehab. The centre….uses state of the art robotics and virtual reality to help clients like brain injury sufferers, stroke victims and children with cerebral palsy. 


Marlon adds relearning skills he had once taken for granted was a powerful experience


“Being taught how to roll over in bed was the best. I had literally slept on my back for a solid year and I was dying to just be able to lie on my side.


He adds

“It just makes me so happy what I achieved makes my mum proud. During the first lockdown I managed to walk 22.2 miles all by myself. Then after that, I have actually started to run, I have started to box. I’m actually achieving the impossible, it makes me feel so proud.

Despite Marlons first bleak prognosis, Marlon now lives alone completely independently. Marlon and his family were one of the reasons MOTIONrehab worked so hard to open a second clinic at the beginning of this year in Hull. 

Sarah Daniel says


“Marlon put so much effort into his rehab and there has to be real credit for his family. They drove two hours each way for the appointments which is a phenomenal commitment…..What has been really exciting for us is Marlon’s case isn’t unique. What we can achieve with this approach and this technology has such major benefits to clients”

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