Andrew was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 15 years ago and has weakness in the left side of his body and is unable to lift up his left foot when he is walking.   He used a foot splint to assist his walking but found he required a great deal of effort to walk with this splint so only uses it now when cycling to work.  Andrew uses 2 sticks when walking long distances, 1 stick in the house and uses a mobility scooter at work at the University.  Having heard about the FES PACE (Functional Electrical Stimulation) from his MS group in York, he contacted his GP who referred him to Odstock Medical. 

MOTIONrehab provide NHS Outreach FES for people living across North Yorkshire and the East Riding, giving them access to the PACE FES device and supporting physiotherapy with MOTIONrehab funded by the NHS.

The PACE is a pocket sized digital device provides stimulation to the affected leg muscles using self-adhesive skin surface electrodes. The electrodes deliver a small electrical current which creates a muscle contraction. This helps lift the foot while walking. It is controlled and timed by a small switch placed in the shoe, which is used to turn on and off the stimulation at the right time while walking. It can also be used for exercising muscles while resting using the exercise function.

He attended an assessment at the York Outreach Clinic in York in May 2018 and was fitted with the device which stimulates the muscles that lift up the foot allowing him to swing his leg through without his foot catching the floor. 

Andrew’s Goals where to reduce his frequency of falls, increase his confidence in walking, reduce the effort needed to walk and increase his frequency of walking.

Andrew is delighted with his FES, wears it every day and says that his confidence in his walking has improved, reduced his frequency of falls and significantly reduced his effort to walk.  His walking speed has increased by 34% and feels using the FES has improved his quality of life.