Chris – Leeds

To all the team of MOTIONrehab Leeds a really big thank you from first attending the clinic for my assessment through to my last appointment I have always felt like I am in safe hands. You’ve exceeded my expectations of what I could achieve with all your help,...

Rose (Mike’s Sister) – Leeds

I have not personally met Helga so can only go by what I am told by Mike, but I have interacted with Helga through phone calls and emails.  She is an amazing physiotherapist and I have nothing but praise for Helga.   Her skills and knowledge are...

Lynn – Leven, East Yorkshire

Dear Tom, I am so grateful to you for once again sorting out my back. It continues to improve so I can do a bit more. Taking it slowly but the support works really well so I can start mobilising again knowing what to do if it twinges. You are a real star!

JS – York

I just wanted to say a massive ‘thank you’ for your input on Wednesday. I had been feeling down as I thought they could do no more for me. You truly inspired and motivated me and I want to thank you for that.