Brian's Story

Brian’s Story – Brian had a significant bleed on the brain in 2020. Brian’s condition was critical, he was put on a life support machine and had to have a tracheostomy. Brian spent more than five months in hospital before being discharged home.

Brian started attending MOTIONrehab in September 2021, his main symptoms were reduced balance and altered vision which significantly reduced his functional abilities. Brian needed assistance to stand with a wheeled zimmer frame due to his loss of balance. 

Brian spent time working on his dynamic balance, vestibular exercises, trunk and neck range of movement.

Brian progressed from using a wheeled zimmer frame to using two elbow crutches. 

Brians mobility has since progressed to using a walking stick at home. He is also practicing walking unaided while completing functional tasks. 

Brians exercise tolerance has steadily improved through his time at MOTIONrehab and he has also been practicing walking outside with just his walking stick. 

Well done Brian you have made such fantastic improvements, keep going!!