MOTIONrehab Clinical Director, Sarah DanielOn the 7th March 2018, Clinical Director, Sarah Daniel was invited to speak at Wrigley’s Solicitors, ‘Through the Maze: Finding Solutions for Seriously Injured Clients‘ event. The event was held at the Radisson Blu in Leeds and was attended by Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence Solicitors, Case Managers and other professionals supporting those with serious and catastrophic injuries.

Topics that were covered included: ‘Direct employment of carers – how to do it and be compliant’ by Stephen Knafler QC; ‘Managing costs in the post-Jackson world’ by Sue Fox from Clarion Solicitors; ‘Special Educational Needs provision and appeals’ by Serjeants Inn. MOTIONrehab Director, Sarah Daniel, was asked to speak about Neurological Physiotherapy and Assistive Technology for Spinal Cord Injury.

Sarah shared the latest research on high-intensity rehabilitation and discussed how neurological physiotherapy augmented by robotic and virtual reality devices allows individuals to practice high repetitions of movements which is critical to neuro-plasticity and the optimisation of outcomes. The key to adopting the newly learnt movements is practice. It is therefore crucial that individuals have an opportunity to repeat and practice movement to cement the new connections. This is difficult to achieve with traditional physiotherapy and exercise alone. Increasingly over the last decade or so rehabilitation technology has provided the means for mass practise and repetition. 

Sarah’s talk received some great feedback with comments such as:
        “Fascinating talk”        “Amazing”

Sarah regularly lectures nationally and internationally as well as teaching postgraduate courses in Neurological Rehabilitation and Medico-Legal report writing. If you would like Sarah to come and speak at your event or seminar, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Services Team by email:  [email protected]

MOTIONrehab’s International Reference Centre will be the UK’s first Intensive Outpatient & Residential Neurological Rehabilitation Facility to truly provide high repetition rehabilitation for more information or to book an assessment please email [email protected] or call our Client Services Team on 0800 8600 038