Dan had a stroke in June 2021. Dans wife Rebecca was told he would never walk again. However, Dan and Rebecca were determined for Dan to recover and after a period of rehabilitation with the NHS they joined us at MOTIONrehab for an Intensive Rehabilitation Package in October 2021. Dans stroke left him with weakness to the left side of his body. He was walking with the aid of a walking stick on arrival to us, all the way from Scotland! 

Dans goals were to increase the ability to use his left arm and hand and to progress with his mobility. He also wanted to be able to drive again in the future. Prior to his stroke Dan was working full time and had lots of outdoor hobbies such as hill climbing.  

Dan used a combination of our Robotic Equipment alongside Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy at our Hull Clinic.  In the time Dan has spent with us at MOTIONrehab, he has learnt how to take control of the tone in his left arm, meaning he can now feed himself with it. He has also increased the movement of his left arm away from his body, straightening his arm more and he has increased the ability to lift at the shoulder. Dan is still working towards improving the use of his hand but his grip is improving.  

Dan progressed to walking independently without any walking aids indoors. He then progress again to outdoors by March 2022. Dan is now just using a walking pole for higher intensity outdoor adventures! 

Dan enjoys a challenge, so recently he went on a trip to a local park to practice different terrains and inclines, including some steep steps! Let’s get back hill walking! 

Finally, we are excited to share Dan has now passed his Theory driving test. Go Dan! 

Watch Dan’s rehabilitation journey below.

Daniel's story