Helga was fantastic working with Dawn.  After a very serious accident (TBI, broken pelvis, elbow ossification, ankle instability) and months in hospital, Dawn could hardly get around without significant assistance.  Helga started working with Dawn at the Daniel Yorath House, and due to the fantastic progress she made there, we continued a weekly session with Helga after Dawn returned home.

To say that Dawn’s physical mobility has improved over the past several months would be an understatement.  Her strength, balance, and coordination have all progressed dramatically.  She can now navigate stairs without difficulty, work through exercise routines on her own, and she goes out for mile-long walks twice a day.  There is still room for improvement, but Helga has helped Dawn build a strong and solid foundation to work from.  Dawn’s physical abilities now, along with greater confidence and self-motivation, are testaments to Helga’s professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for Dawn’s improvement.Working with Helga and MOTIONrehab has been one of the best things for Dawn’s recovery following the accident.

Unfortunately we’re relocating overseas soon and won’t be able to take Helga with us, but I am truly appreciative and grateful that the time we’ve had with Helga up to now has been during a very important time of Dawn’s recovery.

Many, many thanks to Helga and the entire team at MOTIONrehab.