Today MOTIONrehab welcomed Different Strokes – West Yorkshire to the Intensive Rehab Centre, Leeds.

Members of the local branch of Different Strokes had the opportunity to tour the clinic and find out about how MOTIONrehab are incorporating state of the art robotics and VR technology into their rehabilitation programmes. The technology allows clients to perform high numbers of repetitions of movements required to re-learn.

Different Strokes is a support group run by younger stroke survivors for younger stroke survivors. The charity pride themselves on being able to offer personal experience about the realities of life after stroke to help support their members.

Their network of peer support groups empowers younger stroke survivors and carers to reclaim their lives by:

  • Learning more about stroke and how to cope with it by talking to others in the same situation
  • Feeling less isolated and more confident about life after stroke
  • Optimising recovery
  • Regaining as much independence as possible.

All of the support groups offered by Different Strokes are run by stroke survivor volunteers who are supported by a Group Development Manager. Activities include guest speakers, group outings and exercise.

Different Strokes promote exercise post-stroke as it has been shown to lift mood, reduce stress and increase self-confidence.

MOTIONrehab’s intensive rehabilitation package can accelerate the rehabilitation process and give individuals greater opportunities to participate in exercise and physical activity.

‘Exercise can not only prevent stroke, but its use following a stroke enhances the plasticity of the brain allowing it to remodel itself leading to a better and faster recovery’ Pankaj Sharma, Different Strokes Medical Advisor.

There are a number of Different Stroke Groups available across the UK, follow the link to find out the nearest group to you.