Eva’s Story. Eva started her journey with MOTIONrehab at our Hull clinic after being diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). This initially presented as a tremor in her right upper limb. Eva had seen other health professionals including physiotherapists prior to attending MOTIONrehab but had not made any improvements to her tremors.  


When Eva arrived at MOTIONrehab, she presented with a right upper limb tremor that was constant, only stopping completely when she was asleep. Eva is right handed which meant she was unable to carry out simple tasks for herself such as dressing and using her right hand to feed herself.  The tremors were easily triggered and became worse with movements and activity. Eva saw a specialist neurology consultant who advised a mix of psychology and physiotherapy input. Following this advice Eva started therapy at MOTIONrehab to regain function and independence. 


A few weeks into the sessions, Eva presented with new onset tremors in her left lower limb. This resulted in her needing to use a wheelchair outdoors and use shuffling on the floor to mobilise around her house and to manage the stairs on her bottom.  Initial stages of treatment Eva was only able to take a few steps, unable to fully clear her feet from the floor and had a fear of falling. It was apparent MOTIONrehab needed to instil the confidence back into Eva. In standing Eva was unable to move from her base of support to retrieve items that became out of reach. She was unable to bend her knee or kneel due to pain.  


In the first few months of attending our Hull Clinic, Eva was encouraged to participate in various activities to work on her movements, balance and coordination whilst having fun. Her confidence grew as well as her abilities. She was able to take some steps and had overall reduced tremors in activities.  


Eva managed to achieve walking up and down the stairs with some assistance. She was able to increase her walking speed and fluidity of movements and also to start participating in some high-level activities such as boxing and dancing. Eva’s passion for dance was a driving force in her recovery.  


Shortly after her return to school Eva presented with new intense neck tremors with no known cause. This was upsetting for Eva and her family but Eva’s determination, along with her families support meant that she was able to continue with her studies and physiotherapy.  


Throughout the course of Eva’s rehabilitation her hand and leg tremor continued to improve and also her neck tremors settled in time. Eva’s sessions progressed to include more dance, gymnastics and even some breakdancing! 


Eva’s functional abilities had improved to being able to walk independently, ride a bike again, socialise independently and return to normal activities at school. Prior to discharge from MOTIONrehab Eva attended the clinic with her mum to perform some of her dance routines that she was due to perform a few weeks later for her dance exams.  


Amazing work Eva, the whole team are very proud of your achievements! 

Eva's Story