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MOTIONrehab® is one of the UK’s ‘Go to’ teams for neurological rehabilitation technology companies with their latest advances in neurological rehabilitation devices. The team has been involved in several clinical trials and provided case studies supporting the advancement of neurological rehabilitation technology. MOTIONrehab® has access to a wide variety of rehabilitation technology to maximise client goals and outcomes as part its rehabilitation programmes enabling clients to reach their potential. Rehabilitation technology can help to significantly improve the results through high-intensity goal driven outcome therapy.

MOTIONrehab® is not exclusive to any one company and does not receive a commission through the sale of devices. The team has access to all the rehabilitation devices on the market ensuring you are assessed for the most clinically correct device for your needs. MOTIONrehab® can organise assessments for all the neurological rehabilitation devices on the market including Exoskeletons, FES bikes, FES devices and upper limb rehabilitation devices.

Clinical Director, Sarah Daniel, is regularly invited to speak both nationally and internationally on Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and rehabilitation technology. She has also been invited to work with both the press and television producers providing guidance for the accurate portrayal of neurological physiotherapy.

Sarah Daniel and her team provided detailed and informative guidance for our storylines regarding appropriate physiotherapy for someone suffering from neurological damage. The friendly team were fantastic for offering us realistic solutions and options for our portrayal of neurophysiotherapy. ” The Emmerdale Research Team

For more information about how neurological rehabilitation devices help in your individualised rehabilitation programme or at home, please call the MOTIONrehab® Customer Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or email: enquiries@MOTIONrehab®


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