I have not personally met Helga so can only go by what I am told by Mike, but I have interacted with Helga through phone calls and emails.  She is an amazing physiotherapist and I have nothing but praise for Helga.   Her skills and knowledge are outstanding – she is so passionate about achieving the best possible outcome for Mike following his ischemic stroke, which has left the entire right side of his body paralysed.  Being discharged from hospital following his stroke, it was some months before Mike could get NHS physiotherapy and so after that finished we had to make a decision about getting Mike additional help.  We are so glad that we chose MOTIONrehab. 

We did not know what to expect in terms of Mike’s recovery particularly as he suffered a major stroke and we anticipated that he would have limited rehabilitation potential.   Helga has given Mike a quality of life and a future we could not have imagined.  He has made great progress with his mobility and is positive about his outlook whilst being realistic about where he is.   I also find that Helga is not only aware of Mike’s physical state but is also in tune with how it affects his mood.  I can tell when speaking to Mike after his sessions that not only does he feel that little bit stronger but also more mentally positive.  I would like to thank Helga for her compassion, dedication and enthusiasm throughout the year.

Finally, I would also like to thank Helen and Daisy for the kindness and support provided to Mike and myself.  They are always cheerful when I speak to them and I know they make Mike feel welcome.  We have had a few issues with the taxis and appointments during the last couple of months but they have been super helpful and patient – much appreciated.