John attended the MOTIONrehab Leeds clinic for an intensive rehabilitation package in November 2018 following a stroke 4 years ago. At the start of the programme John was only able to move his left arm a little at the shoulder and elbow, but he struggled to use the arm due to very high tone. This meant he was unable to effectively use the arm and hand in purposeful and day to day tasks.

John participated in the 80 treatment package. This included a daily one to one session with either the Neurological Physiotherapist or Neurological Occupational therapist. He also participated in 3 hours per day of high repetition training using the specialist robotic and VR devices available at MOTIONrehab.  

Following the rehabilitation package, John demonstrated improvements in the amount of movement around his shoulder and elbow.  There was a a reduction in the high tone, especially in his hand and fingers. This meant John was able to complete day to day tasks using his left arm.

One of John’s goals during his treatment package was to be able to use his left arm in two-handed activities, such as holding an item of food to then use the right hand to cut/chop it up.

John achieved this goal and continues to practice regularly at home!

John’s feedback on his treatment with MOTIONrehab high intensive treatment package was;

Personally, I feel that the therapy far exceeded my expectations. In the final days of the course with a bit of OT prompting, I was able to pick up food from a plate with a fork and bring it (not very elegantly) to my mouth. I am practising that at home to try to improve control. On a practical level, I can now grade grip on my toothbrush, without activating flexion elsewhere, and control my arm position to put toothpaste on without getting it everywhere. I can also push a trolley around the supermarket using both hands’