A MOTIONrehab client Beth, explains how RaceRunning has changed her life.

This is a sport for everyone, whatever their disability it is something that the majority of people can consider giving a try.  Anyone with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries, neurological conditions or similar benefit from getting active on a RaceRunner.  Children start as young as 3 years old and there is no upper age limit.

A racerunning frame is similar to a trike without pedals, the athlete sits on a saddle and has a chest plate (with strap) for support.  Providing they can move their legs then the person can propel themselves forward.  It’s an amazing feeling – I use a power chair to get around outside and in my flat a walking frame.  I’ve always wanted to run and now I can fly.  It’s remarkable, and people who haven’t seen me for a few months always comment on the difference in how I sit, stand and talk.

In only 9 months I have won international medals in my classification.  I have improved my cardio capacity, my core is stronger and I stand taller, my general posture is improved, this has helped many things including my speech.  I move around more easily with improved muscle and joint function. My sleep is improved, I feel better about myself, I have shaken off colds that my family and friends have struggled with.  I am finding learning is easier (I’m doing a degree).

Now I don’t want to be sat all day, I know the benefits of being out of my chair and moving. I love the experience and I can recommend RaceRunning to everyone.   For more information contact [email protected] or look at York RaceRunning Club on Facebook.