MOTIONrehab Leeds

MOTIONrehab Leeds is an International Reference Centre for Thera-Trainer.

On Wednesday 8th September 2021, MOTIONrehab was pleased to welcome Gopal Kallakuri, Head of Exports for Thera-Trainer and John Blake, Head of Sales for Medicotech Limited to it’s centre in Leeds. MOTIONrehab have been working with Thera-Trainer since 2018, when MOTIONrehab was the first rehabilitation centre in the UK to incorporate the LYRA Robotic Gait Trainer into the UK’s first Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Centre.

When using LYRA your feet are held in place by mobile foot plates. The movement of these footplates replicates a more natural walking pattern than with traditional hands-on physiotherapy. This enables patients to make up to 40 times as many steps compared to treadmill training or manual walking practice. The LYRA provides body weight support which opens up the possibility of walking therapy for those individuals who are unable to walk or find walking difficult. It can help to provide intensive walking rehabilitation in a safe and effective environment. Most importantly the LYRA is based on the scientifically established principles that high repetition and specific gait training results in greater therapy outcomes with 20% more patients being able to walk compared to traditional therapy approaches such as treadmill training and manual walking. 

The LYRA is available at MOTIONrehab Leeds and as part of MOTIONrehab’s world renowned Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Programmes which includes 80 hours of neurological rehabilitation over 4-7 weeks dependent on the outcome of the initial assessment.

MOTIONrehab recognises that everybody is different and may come to MOTIONrehab at different stages of their rehabilitation. Therefore MOTIONrehab offers three intensive rehabilitation option and clients are advised which is the most clinically appropriate.

For more information about Thera-Trainer LYRA, MOTIONrehab’s Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Programmes or to book an initial assessment, please call MOTIONrehab’s Client Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or alternatively please email: [email protected]