Jill Butler, ReWalk & Charlotte Foxton, MOTIONrehab

On Friday 25th October, Jill Butler and Stephen Ruffle from ReWalk met with Charlotte Foxton and Tom McGregor Team Leaders and  Neurological Physiotherapists from MOTIONrehab’s York and Hull clinics. 

MOTIONrehab York and Hull will be undertaking patient trials with the latest device from ReWalk the ReStore Soft Exo-Suit. 

The ReStore is a powered, lightweight soft exo-suit intended for use in the rehabilitation of persons with lower limb disability due to stroke.

It will be a first-of-its-kind gait training solution and MOTIONrehab York and Hull are the first clinics in the UK using the ReStore with it’s clients and conducting patient trials. 

The ReStore soft design combines natural movements with plantar flexion and dorsiflexion assistance that adaptively synchronise with the patient’s own gait to facilitate functional gait training.

It individualises levels of assistance and compatibility with supplemental support aids ensure that ReStore has broad applications for patients across the gait rehabilitation spectrum.

Real-time feedback and adjustable levels of assistance enable therapists to optimise sessions and track each patient’s progress.

Whilst designed for those who have had a stroke the ReStore can also be used for a range of neurological conditions

Keep posted for updates!