On Monday 16th September, MOTIONrehab was delighted to receive its certification for Reference Centre status from THERA-Trainer in recognition of its Gait Rehabilitation Services.

MOTIONrehab has been officially recognised by THERA-Trainer for its new treatment pathways and systematic restructuring to provide a solution for all stages of gait-rehabilitation. This has been implemented according to current research results in the clinical routine.

Pictured is MOTIONrehab Director, Sarah Daniel and Shukri Mansour, Managing Director from Medicotech presenting the certificate from THERA-Trainer.



MOTIONrehab is the first company in the UK to implement the complete THERA Solution for all stages of Gait Rehabilitation following neurological injuries and illnesses such as stroke, spinal cord injury, head injuries, cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. 

Intensive neurological rehabilitation is not just about the number of hours, it’s what you do in those hours that count.

For more information about MOTIONrehab’s intensive neurological rehabilitation programmes, please call 0800 8600 138 or email: [email protected]