MOTIONrehab celebrates the third birthday it’s first robotics-led intensive neurological rehabilitation centre. In April 2018, MOTIONrehab launched the UK’s first ever Robotics-Led Intensive Neuro Rehab Centre and this month celebrates its third birthday! What an incredible three years it has been with awards and world firsts!

Robotics-led Rehab – Developing the Concept.

The clinic was the brainchild of MOTIONrehab owner and Neurological Physiotherapist, Sarah Daniel inspired by the work at Queens Square Intensive Upper Limb Programme and following a visit to Europe researching clinics in 2017. On her return, Sarah shared her vision with her husband and the MOTIONrehab Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Centre concept was born.

MOTIONrehab is a family business and Sarah along with her husband Jon (also a physiotherapist) decided to invest heavily in technology for the first clinic. Sarah was determined to offer MOTIONrehab patients a more efficient and outcome driven rehabilitation service. Up until this point nobody had really used the term “intensive rehabilitation” and historically neurological physiotherapy was delivered once a week for between 45mins and an hour.

Sarah Daniel says

“In 2018, many people simply weren’t aware of how much progress was possible to make with this ‘high repetition’ approach. I wanted to change that. I wanted to help more people access these benefits and get their lives back more quickly.”

When the first MOTIONrehab centre opened in April 2018, it was the only clinic within Europe to combine the particular devices under one roof, giving the clinic International Reference Centre Status for treatment, teaching and research.Client on LYRA

The new Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Programmes offered patients specialist one to one hands-on therapy from experienced and highly skilled clinicians and uniquely to any other clinic in the UK, MOTIONrehab clients spent time training with the robotic and virtual reality devices. This allowed MOTIONrehab patients to practice a higher number of repetitions of movements, which is critical to neuroplasticity and achieving outcomes faster.

The results spoke for themselves. MOTIONrehab clients achieved their rehab goals quicker, often exceeding theirs and other professionals’ expectations.

MOTIONrehab proved the concept worked opened a second clinic in Hull in December 2020. Since then, other clinics have followed suit offering the same devices and concept MOTIONrehab pioneered.

MOTIONrehab Hull

MOTIONrehab’s Second Intensive Rehabilitation Centre in Hull

Sarah Daniel says:

“It was a huge risk opening the first clinic, we were really challenging the neurological rehabilitation model in the UK. However, I believed in the concept and the outcomes MOTIONrehab patients have achieved proves the model works.

 Not only do the devices make treatment more interesting and engaging for patients but integrating the devices with traditional therapy means that people at any stage of their rehabilitation, and with any level of disability, can participate in motivating and challenging therapy. People want to get well, and they want to get their lives back quickly. High intensity rehabilitation has a crucial role to play, and our technology makes it available and accessible.”

Over the last three years MOTIONrehab has held an open-door policy inviting other private hospitals/clinics such as Circle Health, Birmingham and NHS facilities to see how our concept works. It is great to see how other neurological rehabilitation centres are now following MOTIONrehabs lead and providing robotic-led rehabilitation benefitting patients with neurological conditions across the country.

“A big thank you to Tyromotion, Thera-Trainer and Ectron who have been with us on this journey”

Patients attend MOTIONrehab from all over the world

MOTIONrehab has worked hard over the last 3 years to raise the profile of intensive robotic-led neurological rehabilitation and the benefits that it can bring to patients. MOTIONrehab clients are only too happy to share their success stories and this has led to patients attending from all over the world. MOTIONrehab patients have come from as far away as:

  • Pakistan
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • California
  • Nigeria
  • Australia
  • Norway
  • Malta
  • Spain
  • Ireland

International Reference Centre – Working with clinics and researchers all over the world

MOTIONrehabs Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Centre was awarded International Reference Centre Status in 2018 and has worked with researchers and clinics sharing its expertise in rehabilitation technology and intensive rehabilitation all over the world including:

  •   USA
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Austria
  • Serbia
  • UAE
  • Hungry
  • Israel
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Ireland

MOTIONrehab has presented its concept internationally and in November 2020, Sarah Daniel was invited by the International Industry Society for Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART), to join a panel of experts. The presentation focused on the inclusion of artificial intelligence into rehabilitation technology, with the goal to support the clinicians not only in their physical labour, but also with their clinical decision making. The discussion explored concerns that these developments are faced with a certain degree of fear, or at least reservations by many clinicians. The goal of the workshop was to reduce barriers and to facilitate the uptake of technologies in the rehabilitation community.

Sarah joined Dr Alberto Esquenazi, Department Chair and Chief Medical Officer at MossRehab, Philadelphia, USA, and Dr Lesley Holdsworth, Clinical Lead for Digital Health & Care at The Scottish Government.

Sarah provided input from a therapeutic perspective, sharing her experience of staff engagement and development, as well as providing opinion on her future vision of how increasing the intelligence of software and rehab robots could help in the daily work with patients and promote clinical outcomes.

MOTIONrehab’s continued experience consistently demonstrates its vision of high intensity rehabilitation, augmented by robotic and VR technology enhances functional outcomes for patients. 

It was a great honour to receive the invitation and MOTIONrehab were proud to be involved.  


MOTIONrehab has won several awards over the last three years but the one MOTIONrehab is most proud of, is the award from the Financial Times and Google Europe.

MOTIONrehab’s Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Centre was recognised by the Financial Times, Google and leading European policy makers as one of the Top 100 companies for pioneering Digital Innovation in Europe.

MOTIONrehab was selected for technological innovation, its role in leading digital change, and in challenging an industry sector with a disruptive business model. MOTIONrehab was recognised as a pioneer in the field of rehabilitation by ‘Europe’s Road to Growth list’ supported by Google and the Financial Times, which aimed to highlight organisations and companies that are tackling the challenge of digitalisation and taking advantage of new technologies in ground-breaking and interesting ways.

Leaders and Followers

 It’s always hard being the leader in an industry. MOTIONrehab is incredibly proud of what it has achieved in the last three years driving change in the neurological rehabilitation sector pioneering its concept. It is exciting to see other rehabilitation companies following suit recognising that Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation is not just about the number of hours, it’s what you do in those hours that count and by implementing robotics-led rehabilitation into their clinics they will be providing truly intensive neurological rehabilitation.  We welcome you to the party.

The Next 3 Years….

Well watch this space……we will hopefully have some exciting news for you all soon