Bioness H200

The H200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System is an electrical stimulation device embedded into an orthosis (splint) which supports the wrist in the position required for function.

The H200 can be used in a variety of stimulation modes that can help to:

  • Increase hand function
  • Increase or maintain hand range of motion
  • Reduce muscle spasms
  • Prevent muscle loss
  • Re-educate muscles
  • Increase blood circulation

The unique design of the orthosis allows the fingers and thumb to move efficiently while reaching, grasping and pinching. This may allow you to regain hand function and get back to performing day to day activities with the aid of stimulation. The H200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System is programmed by the physiotherapist to meet the patient’s individual needs so that appropriate nerves and muscles of your forearm and hand are stimulated for the desired movement. This helps to re-educate electrical brain signals, stimulating weak or paralysed muscles.


For more information about the Bioness H200, please call the MOTIONrehab® Customer Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or email [email protected]


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