Upper Limb Technology

Loss of hand and arm function can be one of the most debilitating symptoms after a Stroke or Head Injury. Complete or partial paralysis of the arm limits an individual’s ability to carry out everyday tasks making them reliant on others for simple tasks.  Following a Spinal Cord Injury or for people living with other related neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s Disease, maximising arm strength and function is essential for independence in day to day activities.

The ‘wiring’ from the brain to the hand and arm is designed to allow the highly skilled movements we perform every day. Unfortunately, enabling speed and accuracy makes the arm and hand vulnerable to injury. Traditionally the arm and hand have been seen as a challenge for physiotherapists and recovery and rehabilitation is often slow.

MOTIONrehab® has extensive experience with rehabilitation technology to support and promote rehabilitation. Our range of upper limb technology is used to complement traditional ‘hands on’ physiotherapy to promote and maximise the function in the arm and hand.


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