TYMO therapy plate

TYMO therapy plate

TYMO is one of the neurological rehabilitation devices from the TYROSOLUTION by TYROMOTION.  MOTIONrehab is unique as it is the only rehabilitation company in the UK to have the whole TYROSOLUTION under one roof, enabling high-intensity rehabilitation for all phases of neurological rehabilitation. The TYMO is specially designed to allow a large variety of treatment uses. It can be used in any position including side lying, kneeling, sitting and standing. It allows individuals to specifically target muscles in the arms, legs, and core to improve strength, control, and balance whilst receiving visual feedback from games. This ensures therapy is fun and motivating.

The TYMO sitting featureThe TYMO sitting feature
The patient practices:The patient practices standing, for example:
– Functional unsupported sitting– Stance 
– Symmetrical weight distribution– Improvement of active knee control
– Trunk and pelvic activities– Weight distribution
-Control of weight distribution when shifting position– Muscular strength training

MOTIONrehab Packages

MOTIONrehab’s Intensive Rehabilitation Programmes include 80 hours of neurological rehabilitation over 4-7 weeks dependent on the outcome of your initial assessment. MOTIONrehab recognises that everybody is different and may come to us at different stages of their rehabilitation. Therefore, MOTIONrehab have three high-intensity rehabilitation options and you will be advised which is the most clinically appropriate.

For more information about MOTIONrehab’s neurological rehabilitation services or to book an assessment for MOTIONrehab’s Intensive Rehabilitation Programme. Please contact MOTIONrehab’s Client Services Team by email: info@motionrehab.co.uk or call 0800 8600 038


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